Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't talk to me about excercise

Exercise and I are not friends. We had a big dramatic breakup sometime around when I was 21 and started earning my office butt.
But my SIL Sal has been putting me to shame with her 30 day walking challenge - I think I'm hard done by keeping up Nospendver month. Well, to ease the boredom caused by locking myself in the home to avoid spending money (and not having visitors because quite frankly I don't have so much as a coke to offer) I decided to head out to our local lake to join Sal on her daily powerwalk.
See that lake? Its a huge lake.
Pffffft. 3440 steps in (or 4 laps of the lake) I called it a day and happily waved to Sal as she continued on another 2 laps. I was surprised by how many people were out and about doing their own happy laps. Dogs, old people, young people, lots of people lapping this lake over and over. By the end of one lap I would have been happy to sit in the shade and talk to the ducks - I even would have gone home with a happy feeling that I did some exercise today, but no, Sal dragged my butt 3 more times around that lake. It didn't help that I didn't take a water bottle. It also didn't help that I am trying to retrain Lolly's sleep times at the moment (she's only sleeping 7 hours at night where before she was up to 11 hours) so I was trying to keep her awake and she was less than impressed about it. There was no enjoying the scenery for her - she protested loudly and often that she wanted her dummy and security blanket.
Maybe. Just maybe. I MIGHT join Sal again before she finishes her 30 day challenge. Or maybe I'll incorporate a more gentle stroll around a smaller lake closer to home so I can pretend I am doing exercise without actually breaking up a drip down my back sweat like the one I had this morning.
Have you broken up with exercise too or are you another make me sick person who enjoys it?

**Edit, upon spell checking this post it turns out I spelled exercise wrong every time. I seem to be repressing.**

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