Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you Lasooo-oo-oo?

Yes, in my head my title sounds like the old Yahoo ad that was on TV years ago. I completely acknowledge that I am cheesy and have no concerns ripping off other brands catch phrases.
Have you found Lasoo yet? We stumbled over them at the recent Baby and Toddler expo in Sydney last month. I'll admit I really only paid attention because they were hosting a giveaway, but since haunting their website watching for the giveaway outcomes I have become hooked.
Being a catalogue junkie, there is nothing I like more than to settle down with the days catalogues and a cuppa once Lolly is down for her morning nap. But at this time of year when I am watching out for certain present items to hit my acceptable price range I find it hard to keep my catalogues organised.
Enter Lasoo - I'm looking for a Photo and Negative scanner. Lasoo not only has the one or two that I had already spotted, but several more from various sources.
Its a brilliant concept and I seem to be over there daily checking it out and looking for items to check off my Christmas list. And with a combination of catalogues from online and "real" stores, I'm getting the best of both worlds.
I definitely recommend giving them the once over if you are trying to find the best price.
Feel free to hook me up with your tricks for finding the best prices this Christmas.

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