Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dieting is hard.....Not spending is harder

Damn, not spending money is HARD. I mean, diet hard. Normally, I can go shopping and not spend a cent. Or if I do spend, I am 100% delighted with the purchase. Its rare that I get buyers remorse once I'm home - I like my money to work hard, so every purchase gets weighed up carefully.
So why is it, that every email seems to contain bargains that I MUST have, and every trip to the shops is fraught with the perils of attractive and special items? I blame my Nospendver mission.
I had time to kill yesterday. Way too much time. I dropped Miss M off at dancing, and while I would usually go home and come back later, yesterday I had a few errands to run that meant it was no longer worth the time it took to go home since we live 30 minutes from dancing. So I escaped to the air conditioned blessing that is our homemaker centre to kill an hour and a half.
And it was the most torturing half hour of my life. So many things I cannot believe I walked away from.
Like this gorgeous peacock feather pattern Christmas decoration I found in Domayne. I love special and detailed Christmas ornaments, especially ones that represent things I like without taking away the Christmas detail so this ornament ticked all the right boxes for me. It was 25% off too. Sigh.

Or how about these gorgeous little white ceramic mice with rhinestone studded ears? I have been planning to add a little white shelf to Lolly's bedroom right above her change table with some kind of white animals to stand guard over her. These just look too perfect. Also from Domayne, and also (sniff) 25% off.

 And last but not least, this clear plastic umbrella with thick coloured banding round the bottom. Just like the ones that Miss M has admired in a few movies recently. When I saw this for $12.99 down from $19.99 at Lincraft, I had a very hard time convincing myself to leave. Miss M has a perfectly good ladybug umbrella. While she is 10 and maybe just a wee bit old for it, a new umbrella does not fit into Nospendver's rule of necessities only.

I learnt my lesson. I don't care how hot it is, or how much time I have on my hands, I will be staying far, far, away from the shops till the credit card is paid off. Only then can Christmas presents at least fit back into the necessity category - its getting close so I figure they can count, right?
I tried to convince myself that taking these photo's was purely for the purpose of blogging my finds, but Husband persists in thinking that I intend to go back for these items once Nospendver is over. Never. I have more will power than that. I think. Hopefully once the self imposed spending diet is over my sanity and ability to rationally think through a purchase will return.
Have you found any perfect must have items recently? Feel free to share, the worst that can happen is I will go to the website and salivate over my keyboard while ticking off my Nospendver days.

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