Saturday, November 12, 2011

21 hours and counting

With only 21 hours to go, I am up to my teeth in costumes, wigs, and glue guns. Every year its the same old, and yet its part of the adrenalin that makes the annual dance concert satisfying.
I am a closet dance mum. I like to pretend I am not competitive, but there's a little lioness in me that roars if I think my daughters talents are not being appreciated, and purrs when she is given a little spotlight. Fortunately the sane side of me keeps the insane dance mum in check.
We're lucky enough to go to a dance studio with a great group of kids. So far (fingers crossed) we don't have any little diva's and no mums are worse than they should be. We've travelled with these kids a number of times so I feel like they are extension of my family and I know we can trust the other mums to keep an eye on our little ballerina.
In 12 hours time I will be sitting in the almost empty audience watching a run through, frantically styling Troll Doll wigs with hair spray while I watch and note which sides of the stage I need to be on and when. In 18 hours time I will be applying makeup and settling jangled nerves. Miss M loves the limelight, but like most little girls she gets last minute butterfly's.
She will have a loooong day tomorrow, and yet she will go home so hyped and excited whereas I will be almost asleep.
I can't wait.
Do you have a little performer at home? Do you enjoy the big day as much as they do?

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