Monday, October 24, 2011

People will PAY me for my junk, I love Australia

As part of my campaign to completely fund our upcoming trip to QLD by selling off the excess goodies in my house, I held a garage sale in conjunction with my sister in law on Saturday.
Neither of us really has a home suitable for a garage sale - each of us is on a battle axe, so we don't have street front homes that would get much exposure. But MIL does, so we both packed up our junk and headed over there.
As it turns out, I didn't have a whole lot of junk left. I mean, I do, but I've been selling very consistently on eBay since Lolly was born so I mainly had the lower ticket items left. So I didn't make nearly the amount of money at this sale that I did 10 years back when we had a huge moving sale, because $1,000+ has already gone on eBay.
Long story short, I made $259, SIL made $91, and MIL made $78. But if I deduct the sale of 2 MASSIVE rear projection TVs that were a total profit spinner (bought on eBay 1 month ago for $65 all up, sold for $150 hah!), it was only $94 for me too. Still, the day cost nothing (since I forgot to put the ad in the paper) and all my junk is gone.
Determined to get the most of the day, I did some Internet research beforehand. Some sites that I found useful:

Kylie Ofiu -Garage Sale Success
Savings Guide - Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

And lastly, my own personal hint to you all, that one of my repeat customers gave me (he, or his fiance, or his child, visited my sale 6 times!). When the day is done, put everything left on one of the facebook garage sale groups. There are HEAPS of them, there are no fee's, and there are so many people interested in them. I was sceptical at first - SIL and I had made a pact that everything was going to the Salvo's, it was not coming back into our homes - but I thought I would give it a try. Not wanting to touch anything in the car in case I got lost, or worse still tried to reclaim some of it, I just took a photo of the lot and offered it as a group lot on facebook. Well 24 hours later I had a sale from a local buyer! $30, and I have now sold everything and I don't have to figure out how to get everything to the local salvo's depot while they are still open.

Do you have any hot garage sale tips that you can share? Or have you had a garage sale that went not so well? I'd love to hear about them :)

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