Monday, October 31, 2011

Not Happy Jan!

After my post on Saturday complaining that my life just did not have that much blog worthy happenings, the fates decided I needed a healthy dose of interesting.
I've snagged myself one days work for Tabcor tomorrow, manning one of their mobile betting sites for Melbourne Day (I've never even placed a bet before, so god help the people that I'm going to be assisting tomorrow!). And I need to wear black pants and shoes along with a Tabcor shirt. Pants are no problem, please, I live in black. But although I have plenty of black shoes, I don't have any that I could see myself wearing for a 10 hour shift on my feet. So off to Shoe Shed I went, tickled to have a legitimate and guilt free excuse to shop.
25 minutes later with a nice pair of closed toe, low, wedged heeled black court shoes to show for my efforts, I came back to my car to find dozens of white splotches oozing down my windscreen.
I kid you not. I literally stopped on the side walk and looked both ways waiting for someone to jump out and yell "Trick or Treat!". For sure this had to be a joke and it was just peel off stickers or something.
No. A colony of birds with the dire rear had honed in on my car as their release point. There was nothing on the road around my car, nothing on the cars in front or behind me, but my car is completely covered in bird crap. I wasn't even parked under a tree!
Lesson learnt - I officially believe my life is plenty interesting thanks, I am more than happy to go back to normal now!
Have you ever wished for a more interesting life, only to eat your words within 48 hours?

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