Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A nice surprise

Part of loving money so much is getting a toe to eyebrow thrill out of freebies. Expecially unexpected ones.
Freebies mean I don't have to buy something quite as quickly, or even at all, which makes the dollar go that much further. Sometimes I wouldn't have bought the freebie fullstop. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to hug it and squeeze it and love it to death.
So imagine my delight when the very lovely people over at Lasoo.com.au just randomly (and I mean randomly, I did nothing to qualify, ask, seek it out) asked for my address as they wanted to send me a gift! I was just trolling facebook, and put my 2 cents in a colouring competition photo album that my daughtered had entered at an expo. Just like many other parents.
And just lookee lookee what arrived in the mail the other day as a result of that email exchange!
Now Miss M did not win that colouring comp, (as it turns out the prize was a Fisher price camera, so at 10 she was definitely too old to really enjoy the prize but her 5 month old sister would have liked it), but she still likes to play with her My Little Ponies so this was even better than winning!
And there was also an Aussie Bum gift pack: the  towel, hat, lip gloss and swimming cap will not go astray, they will find their uses.
It looks like I am not the only person on their FB page to benefit from this unexpected generosity. A little bit of loyalty and community participation generated this freebie (not to mention I genuinely like the site). Have you scored any awesome but unexpected freebies recently?

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