Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Join the club....Literally

Are you a member of the Huggies Club? Besides the treasure trove of information on their site to support you with your pregnancy and baby/toddler needs, they have a constant stream of fabulous freebies and promotions.
I recieved an email from them last week inviting me to their Huggies Lounge, which would be coming to my local Westfields.
Armed with a reciept for a recent Huggies purchase, and my SIL and our kids, we headed up to the shopping centre today to see what it was all about.
Well, wham bam, thank you maám. Just for showing up with my reciept I was given this fabulous quilt cover - free!
And since I was out for the day, we both headed into Target to collect our 3rd Bounty Bag (would you believe we had babies on the same day?) Never heard of Bounty Bags? Well they are another piece of freebie goodness that any mother can collect - if not from your hospital, then from a huge selection of local chemists. The 3rd one is probably the least exciting of them, but with a $10 target voucher, crawler size nappies, and various books, magazines and pamphets its still worthwhile grabbing.
Right when I thought we were finished for the day, we found out they opened a brand new Gymboree store - right in my local Westfields. With only a few minutes to spare, we ducked in so I could initiate SIL to the scrumptioness that is Gymboree - can you tell i'm a fan of their gorgeous bright colours, tough fabric but reasonable prices? As soon as we stepped in the door, a perky shop assistant bounced her way over and gave each girl a little ball to keep - instant fan, what looked ordinary at first is actually brilliant, chubby little fingers can hang onto the ball so much easier.
And seeing how the only thing we spent money on was lunch together, which was a really nice change of pace, all in all this felt like a very profitable day!

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