Saturday, October 29, 2011

Is your life that much more interesting than mine?

I seem to find reams of blogtastic stuff on the net. Hilariously funny children, amusingly dumb husbands, incredibly special incidences that happen in the lives of the blogging women in this world.
And yet. Miss M doesn't do any of that incredibly touching or cute stuff. Mostly she just gives me attitude or sarcasm. Oooh doody, has she mastered sarcasm.
And Lolly is just adorable, but somehow her gummy smiles don't seem to spin themselves into a blog post.
Husband though. I think there might be potential there. If I put my thinking cap on, I should be able to produce something worthwhile. He can be as dumb as the next one.
I'm sure my life must be more interesting than I thought, I will be paying more attention this week.
Is your life as interesting as the blogs you read? Really, really?


  1. Yes I am sure our lives are just as interesting. I think some people just have a knack or spinning the mundane into blog fodder.

  2. i have no idea elise. i dont think my blog is all that interesting but i dont mind it takes me to a new place away from the kids and the house work where i can concentrate on a different thing. im sure we will get more confident in posting things on our blogs.

  3. @AneetsSometimes I feel so boring! I like my life, I feel blessed most days, and part of what I feel blessed about is nothing big happens. Some people just have the gift of gab


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