Monday, October 17, 2011


I've been home on maternity leave for 5 months. I've learnt to do housework. I have not learnt to love it. I've even learnt to hang my clothes on the line - which previously had never. Been. Used.
I adore playing with my cuddly 5 month old, and I love being able to be a bigger part of my 10 year olds out of school hours life.
BUT! (You knew there was a but right?) I'm bored. Very, very bored. There is alot of time left each day after the housework is done and Lolly is snoozing sweetly. Lots and lots of time.
And as I turn to the internet to fill the void I find a whole new world opening up to me. Its more than facebook, and ebay, and Amazon. The internet is about BLOGS! And my favourite blogs seem to be by mums. Mums who clean, who taxi, who juggle, who are WAHM (work at home mums for those of us as uniniated as me 5 months ago), or even full or part time working mums in the office. So I am joining the ranks of these women who give me so much entertainment and launching my own blog.
I don't really have a niche. Everyone has a niche. If I have to pick one thing about my life that is my favourite chatter topic, it would be money. Saving money, spending money, making my money work.
I like to live a full life. I don't like it to cost much. So maybe along the way you will learn some of my tightarse tips.

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