Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brownies are my favourite fruit...

I'm really not a fan of cooking. Eating yes. Cooking no. But one of the things I like to do to economise on the school and work lunchboxes is bake up cakes and slices and send small wedges in as a treat. For the most part, each wedge ends up being cheaper than a bag of chips, or tiny teddies, and Miss M is always thrilled to find a little piece of cake or slice tucked next to her fruit and yoghurt. My biggest problem is making sure I don't eat all of my favourite goodies before they make it into a lunchbox, I'm a sucker for brownies, they are definitely my favourite fruit.
Sometimes I bake from scratch, sometimes from a packet mix, depends on how lazy I'm feeling and whether or not there was some super markdown on the boxed mixes recently. Its very common for me to buy the $0.67 packets of vanilla cake mix from Coles to make mini cupcakes, since it makes about 35 - bargain!
I always bake a few things at a time, means the oven doesn't get used as much and has a lower impact on the electricity bill - You'd be surprised how much impact pre-heating has.
Today's effort was a lemon cake & banana cake - both from packets - and a pan of brownies from scratch. Donna Hay I am not, but they all taste yummy. Because we won't eat these that quickly (DH takes one daily, but Miss M is not allowed to have them that often) I cut them all into wedges and freeze them in zip lock baggies. I was sceptical the first few times I did this, but they freeze nicely, and by the time recess comes along are defrosted and taste as fresh as they did when frozen.
I have a handful of slice recipes that I'm happier to send Miss M with than cakes, but really not that many that she will eat. Nothing with fruit in it anyway. I'm always on the lookout for new slice recipes to try out.
How do you economise on the lunches? Feel free to offer up any tips!


  1. We haven't got to the lunch box stage yet. Ella has a hot lunch provided by childcare at the moment, so it's going to be a big shock to the system when she has to take sandwiches for big girl school next year!

  2. @Kellie @ Three Li'l PrincessesI remember Miss M's first day of school, we packed her soooo much food because I was worried about her not having enough. At the end of the day she complained that she got no playtime because she had to eat the whole time and still couldn't finish! She did not need 3 sandwiches for example


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