Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big baby explosion....the dust has settled

There is just no getting 4 babies to smile -
I settled for not crying.
Thats my Lolly on the right.
2011 has seen the babies in my family DOUBLE! Every single one of my SIL's has had a baby this year - and so have I. The only person who hasn't, is my big sis whose kids are all around Miss M's age. The last niece was born yesterday afternoon, and she is such a cutie.
3 new nieces, 1 nephew, and my own little Lollypop. Is it any wonder that my MIL is cheering? She doubled her own grandkid count this year - 4 to 8 - and got her first grandson in the bargain.
I'm happy, I think family gatherings are best punctuated by kids, Miss M always had the benefit of a handful of cousins her own age to play with, and now Lolly will have the same.
In fact, one of my nieces holds a special place in my heart, and I know she and Lolly will be besties. See, little Squeek was born on the same day as Lolly, in the same hospital, and we even shared a room for 5 days! So as one of my older nieces coined the phrase - Lolly and Squeek are twin cousins!
SIL and I had so much fun in our double room, we shared visitors, night time feeds, nappy explosions, and have stories that we get to share forever.
Now that the dust has settled, I think we will need to book all the grandkids in for a photoshoot - one for my husbands side with the 8 kids, and one for my side with the 6 kids. Something special we can give the Grandparents.
Do you have any unique photo idea's to share with me? Or have you had your own baby explosion?

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