Friday, October 21, 2011

$60 Lamaze Gym for only $15 at Woolies - Its Tummy Time!

I had to share today's serious bargain find. Lolly just loves the Lamaze Spin and Explore Gym that they have at Gymbaroo - as soon as I put her down each week she's kicking and the hands are wandering over the textiles.
So when our Gymbaroo teacher gave me the insider tip that she had spotted them at a Woolworth's for only $15 (!) I rushed straight out to buy one for Lolly and a spare for an upcoming present.
See, these bad boys were at Toys R Us for around the $80 mark when I first starting looking. Even second hand on eBay looked like I would be dropping anywhere from $25-40, as well as postage.
Dealsdirect has them for $49.95, which is their discounted price, and Toyconnect is offering them for $59.95. At those prices, I bench marked the toy as being something we should look forward to each week at Gymbaroo.
I don't know where Woolies is getting the $15 price tag from - according to them it's half price, since that's a $30 starting price, I have a feeling there has either been an overstock issue, or possibly even a mistake. No matter how you look at it, its a bargain.
So Lolly jumped on her very own Spin and Explore Garden tonight and had herself a good time. And at 5 months, she's trying very hard to crawl, so Daddy was very impressed to see her little feet pushing her around on the turntable.
Do you have a little rugrat at home who might benefit from one of these? Or maybe you know someone with a bump who has yet to find out the joys of a desperate to be mobile baby. Let me know!

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